Congress Theme:  

Broadening the Path: Complementarities in Language and Linguistics

The congress theme, Broadening the Path: Complementarities in Language and Linguistics is intended to suggest that research within the general framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) should give greater emphasis to the value of the complementarities in current work within SFL. This implies that while continuing to focus on our specialized areas of interest, we should also take an active interest in the full range of current research within SFL, and work towards integrating developments in these diversified fields in a more unified model of language. Let us recognize the evolutionary nature of SFL on the one hand, while fostering its applicability on the other. The theme of ISFC40 therefore aims to encourage the development of “link paths” that will connect various paths within the broad, open pathway of SFL, and in this way help promote creative dialogues and interactions between scholars working in different regional and academically diverse communities.