Call for Papers 

We invite proposals for three forms of contribution: papers, workshops, and colloquia.  Proposals should be submitted in abstract form from 1 January – 15 February 2013. All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Programme Committee.  Notification of acceptance will be given by 1 April 2013.

Download: Abstract Template for ISFC40

Details of Presentations

Paper Presentations

Paper presentations are 30 mins (25 mins presentation with 5 mins for questions and discussion).

Abstracts should be between 200 and 300 words (excluding references).



Participants may submit abstracts for either

1)     3 hours and 30 mins

2)     1 hour 45 mins


Abstracts for workshops should be between 300 and 500 words.

Abstracts for colloquia should include a general abstract of between 300-500 words written by the convenor of the colloquium, with abstracts by each participating presenter of around 200 words each.


Abstracts for all sessions should include: 1) a succinct statement of the aim of the contribution, 2) its relationship to previous and current work within SFL and/or other theory to which you refer, 3) a summary of the main part of the presentation (including where appropriate your methodology and results) and 4) key references, including those cited in the abstract.


Key Dates

30 October, 2012 1st Call for Papers.

30 December, 2012, 2nd Call for Papers

15 February, 2013 DEADLINE for submission of abstracts

1 April, 2013 notification of acceptance

1 June 2013 deadline for registration for the conference 


Official Conference Languages



EMAIL for abstracts:



Most participants at the Congress will require a visa to enter mainland China (Guangzhou, the location of the congress, is on the mainland). There are different visa requirements for entering mainland China and other regions such as Hong Kong.  Typically, visas can only be granted from the originating country of the passport holder and not enroute (such as in Hong Kong). Please ensure that you enquire about your specific visa requirements in plenty of time to obtain a visa.