Chang Chenguang: Dean of SIS, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor.

Prof. Chang Chenguang is in charge of the general administrative affairs of SIS, including discipline construction, faculty development, international cooperation and exchanges as well as graduate education.

Chen Youzhi: Party Secretary of SIS.

Chen Youzhi is responsible for the general work of the Party Committee of School of International Studies, such as involving organization, personnel affairs, publicity, archives, letters and calls, political education of the faculty and family planning.

Li Chunrong: Deputy Party Secretary of SIS.

Li Chunrong is responsible for moral education of SIS students, management, student employment, the Communist Youth League of SIS, the Faculty and Staff Union, network construction, security work and so forth. He assists the party secretary of SIS in dealing with the administrative affairs, the work of Center for Continuing Education of SIS, the management of facilities and laboratories as well as the work involving SIS alumni.

Luo Bin: Deputy Dean of SIS, Associate Professor.

Luo Bin is in charge of the undergraduate teaching affairs and discipline construction of SIS as well as assisting the dean in managing the international cooperation programs of SIS.

Wang Bin: Academic Executive Director of SIS, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, Director of the Center for the Overseas Programs of SunYat-sen University (Zhuhai Campus).

Prof. Wang Bin assists the dean in promotingdiscipline construction, supervising and improving the international exchanges of SIS as well as cooperation with foreign schools in education.

Lin Yuyin: Education Director of SIS, Professor, M.A. Supervisor.

Prof. Lin Yuyin coordinates the basic English-teaching and the selection of appropriate teachers for SIS.

Xie Guixia: Executive Assistant to the Dean.

Xie Guixia manages the research work of SIS and assists the dean in managing graduate education, external communication and so forth.

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