Volunteers From SIS Offering Services For The 2nd Investing In Africa Forum

On September 7th, the 2nd Investing In Africa Forum,hosted by the Guangdong provincial government, China Development Bank and the World Bank, was inaugurated in Guangzhou. The 2-day forum was greatly successful, in which the participants discussed in depth in the fields of agriculture, industry, infrastructure construction, skill training, tourism, culture, etc. and provided intellectual and financial support for Africa’s future economic development.This enabled Guangdong, one of the participants, to take an active role in the program “the Belt and Road”, which contains cooperation with the international communityin terms of capacity in order to realize economic transition and industrial upgrades.

In order to ensure that the forum could be successfully held, the forum’s organizing committee authorized the Communist Youth League Committee of Guangdong Province to recruit volunteers for the forum, including 104 volunteers in total from Sun Yat-sen University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. School of International Studies(SIS), SYSU sent 35 volunteers offering English-related services including airport service, register center, filing services, conference consultation, venue service, security, etc.

From September 3rd to 10th, volunteers from SIS fulfilled their duty and were thought highly of by the organizing committee, foreign guests and the media for their outstanding ability and hard work. Xu Shaohua, Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Committee of the CPC and Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, evaluated the volunteers’ work performance, for which he complimented the involved volunteers and hoped they would keep on devoting themselves to public services. Moreover, he commended the volunteers for their friendly smile and professional services to domestic and foreign guests on behalf of all China’s young volunteers.

The volunteer work for the 2nd Investing In Africa Forum ended with a successful closing. SIS’s volunteers contributed to the forum by applying professional knowledge to volunteer services and adhering to improving themselves in addition to serving the public. SIS invariably attaches importance to volunteer work in public, services for the community, overall development of the country and international cooperation. SIS persists in long-term volunteer activities, international volunteer work and cultural communication. SIS has sent volunteers to many major international competitions and conferences, in which all the students were highly valued by the organizing committee and cooperating parties for their foreign language proficiency and satisfactory volunteer services.

Written by: He Huimin 何惠敏

Proofread by: Taylor Myers

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