2016 Zhuhai’s Mobilization Meeting &Launch Ceremony for VolunteerServicesof Large Competitions Successfully Held

On the morning of September 24, 2016, Zhuhai’s mobilization meeting and launch ceremony for volunteer servicesof large competitions was heldat Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Branch school. Mrs. GuangyanLong, the Vice Mayor of Zhuhai; Mr. GuoshengZhong, the deputy secretary of Zhuhai municipality anddirector of the Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction of Zhuhai; Mr. ZuodeZhou, the director of the Convention and Exhibition Bureau and CEO of the Exhibition Group of Zhuhai and more than 500 volunteers, including 37 volunteers from School of International Studies(SIS) at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) , attended the ceremony.

During the opening speech,Mrs. Long praised and extended her gratitude to volunteers of competitions. Then, she emphasized that voluntary services are of great importance to every large event.So she hoped that volunteers will be excellent spokespeople of Zhuhai,and be the main force of activity services as well as disseminators of cultures of competitions. She also encouraged volunteers to enhance their sense of mission and responsibility, study harder and improve their qualities by combining theoretical learning with practice training. Furthermore, she extended the idea that they should carry forward the volunteer spirit——dedication, fraternity, mutual-aid, and progress, servingguests with enthusiasm, confidence, professionalism and consideration,so that they can have affectionate and lovely memories of Zhuhai city. Later on, volunteers took a solemn oath, promising that they would put their heart and soul into these competitions.

After the opening ceremony, volunteers from SIS received training provided by Zhuhai Committee of China Communist Youth League. Representatives of Organizing Committees of Competition and four experts of significant experience in volunteering and teaching gave lectures about the overview of large competitions in 2016, such as Zhuhai Briefing, basic knowledge of voluntary services, professional etiquette and emergency rescues of large competitions. Thanks to the concentration and enthusiasm of volunteers, the whole training process went smoothly.

Students of the volunteer team at SIS developed greater understanding of volunteer services in upcoming competitions after this training. It is worth mentioning that SIS volunteer team attached importance to volunteer work of large competitions and exemplified volunteer image of Zhuhai by providing more than 1,000 volunteers who have worked over 100,000 hours combined. Based on its professional quality, excellent training program, and effective feedback system, SIS volunteer team provides excellent language services for international competitions. It has sent volunteers to many major international competitions and activities, in which all the students were highly valued by the guests, municipal and provincial institutions, and the mainstream media for their foreign language proficiency and satisfactory volunteer services.

Written by: 唐婕Tang Jie

Proofread by: Taylor Myers

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