To Achieve Development and Progress Together: The 10thDean’s Lunch Meeting

The School of International Studies (SIS) hosted the 10th Dean’s Lunch Meeting at the School Administration Office on October 11, 2016. Prof. Chenguang Chang, Deputy Dean of SIS, together with Mr. Jiawei Huang, the Secretary of the Youth League Committee of SIS, and 15 student representatives, attended the meeting and discussed about academics and campus life. Prof. Chang started with the school’s traditional strengths and expounded the challenges faced at present. The plan as well as the target of the 13th Five-Year Plan was introduced to students around the table. In addition, he reviewed the history of teaching and personnel development since the establishment of the school. He also introduced the goal of newly established Silk Road Class and its purpose. Apart from that, Prof. Chang encouraged students to share their ideas to promote the development of SIS.


The graduate students drew a question about the prospect of their major. They asked Prof. Chang whether it is possible for them to change their major from their undergraduate major. Prof. Chang approved this idea. In his opinion, interest should be used as a motivator for academic research. Students need to broaden the scope of their knowledge and probe bravely to other fields under the condition of commanding two foreign languages. As for curriculum plans mentioned by some graduates, Prof. Chang said that individualized approaches would be made according to a student’s situation.

Another hot topic that concerned students was the opportunity of overseas study through exchange programs. Prof. Chang addressed that the international communication level of SIS was at the top of the University’s priority. Every year, a large number of students take part in exchange programs to study overseas. At present, our school is still working on making contact with more universities and colleges to present more opportunities to students. In return, students should expend their efforts to specialize their holistic approach towards their major and make full preparations to their future. In the end, one of the students asked if there would be more research projects for students. Prof. Chang answered that the school was trying to attract talented personnel in order to improve scientific research capability. One professor had already been introduced to the school through Hundred Talents Program; moreover, four regional research centers had been established, which are a great platform for students who aspire to achieve in their field. In the future, various types of research projects will be launched in succession. On the basis of these projects, students can participate and be trained in specialized skills.

The Lunch Meeting ended in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Throughout the meeting, Prof. Chang patiently answered students’ queries, which helped them to learn more about school. At the same time, the leaders were open to students’ suggestions so as to achieve further development in SIS and achieve progress together.

Written by: 金石雨

Proofread by: Taylor Myers


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