The 11th Korean Cultural Festival has been Successfully Opened

The 11th Korean Cultural Festival was officially revealed on October 10, along with a splendid opening ceremony which took place at Rongyuan Square, SYSU Zhuhai Campus. The special guests present at the ceremony included Associate Professor Liu Yu, Chairman of Department of Korean, SIS; Li Chunrong, Deputy Party Secretary of SIS; Huang Jiawei, Secretary of Youth League committee, SIS; and Zhong Yifei, Deputy Secretary of Youth League committee, SIS.

The audience enjoyed a variety of masterful performances at the opening ceremony, such as the “Samulnori”. When sophomores from the Department of Korean skillfully played “Samulnori”, a type of drum music, the strong rhythms and loud volume wowed the audience. Samulnori is a traditional Korean percussion quartet comprised of four traditional Korean musical instruments:Kkwaenggwari (a small gong), Jing (a larger gong), Janggu (an hourglass-shaped drum) and Buk (drum). Characterized by strong, accented rhythms, vibrant body movements, and an energetic spirit, “Samulnori” shows the essence of Korean peasantmusic, depicts the traditional Korean culture, and reflects people’s respect for nature. The sophomores, dressed in traditional Korean costumes, played the four percussion instruments lively, generating a boisterous atmosphere.

Later, freshmen from the Department of Korean performed an energetic dance medley. By combining Korean traditional dance with modern pop dance, they showed the audience both classical and modern beauty of Korean culture. The melodious songs and vigorous dancing, intertwined with graceful feminine movements, amazed the audience’s eyes and ears, pushing the opening ceremony to a climax.

The Korean Cultural Festival has been hosted on a yearly basis by the School of International Studies, SYSU for almost 10 years. It was created with the idea of raising awareness of Korean culture, while uniting Korean students and Chinese students. This incredible festival will bring sights, sounds and tastes of South Korea to the hearts of students and teachers with a variety of activities such as Korean singing competition, Korean speech competition and a spectacular closing ceremony. Aiming at extending students’ international horizons and fostering their interests in learning Korean, the festival provides students with a large platform on which they can exchange opinions, learn from each other and show their talents.

Written by: Tang Yanlan

Proofread by: Salvatore Papa


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