The Party for the 3rd International Culture Festival Held by the School of International Studies (SIS) Comes to a Successful Closing

On November 5th , 2016, the party for the 3rd International Culture Festival of SIS, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) was held successfully on Rongyuan Plaza with the theme: “Dreamy Journey”.

At the party, eight exhibition sections for eight major languages studied in SIS presented local food and unique cultural and traditional games.

The eight exhibition sections not only displayed the distinctive local food and classic games, but also offered the participants an opportunity to better understand the countries’ traditional culture. The party, open to all students from the Zhuhai campus, drew much attention from many of SYSU’s faculty, students and alumni. In addition, it attracted nearby residents and others interested in the party.

All exhibition areas were particularly intriguing. The Korean exhibition section demonstrated the hanbok and encouraged participants to try it on. Moreover, it included the gameYut and Korean food such as fried rice cakes, kimchee and Korean sushi rolls. The Russian exhibition section prepared a prize wheel, classic matryoshka dolls and borsch. The French section prepared questions about French culture and language learning and also provided French cakes and aromatic wine. The Arabic section featured Arabic dance, identification games about Arabic tourist spots and special Arabic bread and dates. The German section introduced the participants to German tongue twisters, the game Halli Galli and German beers and sausages. The participants obtained “stamps” after winning the games and exchanged “stamps” for tasty food and prizes.

While walking around the exhibition sections, tasting the delicious food from eight countries and exploring their culture, participants voted for their favorite sections at the information desk. After a fierce competition, three sections were named winners — the Russian exhibition was named the most popular, the French exhibition was named best presentation of culture and the Korean exhibition was named the most creative. At the end of the party, the SIS student union invited its supervisor Ms.Yifei Zhong to award silk banners to the heads of the winning sections and to take a group picture with them.

After the party of the 3rd International Culture Festival, the participants developed a better understanding of the culture and characteristics of the eight countries through food and games. The competition among different sections stimulated the competitors’ imagination and creativity as well as facilitated teamwork and friendship within a section. The school-wide activity enabled the other departments of the university to learn more about SIS, which was beneficial to the future communication and cooperation. In addition, the party demonstrated SIS’s achievement over the past eleven years. We believe that SIS will keep on developing and achieving more accomplishments in the future.


Written by: 何惠敏

Proofread by: Taylor Myers


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