Application Procedures for Inter-Departmental Exchange Students

The School of International Studies (SIS) accept exchange international students from our partner universities all over the world. Please pay attention to the application procedures as following.


1. Application Periods

Non-degree Chinese Language courses:

Spring Semester (October 10 to December 5 )

Fall Semester (March 1 to June 5)

* There is no degree courses offered by SIS currently.


2. Admission Requirements

Nominated candidates from the partner universities of SIS

High school graduate

18-45 years of age



3. Application and Admission Procedures

A: Application Procedures

Step 1. Coordinators of the partner universities start the nomination procedures.

Step 2. Nominated candidates register on the website .

Step 3. Candidates fill in the online application form and submit the online application form.

* Guides about the online application:

1. Create your own application account and log in.

2. Choose your program: Inter-departmental exchange student

3. Please choose your type: General Visiting Student

4. Apply for Department: School of International Studies

  Apply for Major: Chinese Language

5. Fill in your personal information and submit.

Step 4. Candidates print out the application form and sign their names.

Step 5. Coordinators of the partner universities mail the application documents to SIS. SIS doesn’t accept any application documents sent by candidates individually.

* Application documents: On-line Application Form, Xerox copies of passport, Certificate of education (all material in duplicate)


B: Admission Procedures

Step 6. Submitted materials are evaluated by the School of International Studies and Sun Yat-sen University.

Step 7. Candidates should submit supplementary materials or take a telephone/video interview if necessary.

Step 8. Submitted materials are evaluated by relevant Chinese government authorities.

Step 9. SIS mail the Admission Notice and JW201/202 Form to the coordinators of the partner universities.

Step 10. Students apply for a visa.



The first three steps (1.2.3.) of the application procedures should be completed on the website

Step 6. All mailed materials should be in duplicate.


Mailing Address:

Weiyin YE

Student Counselor for the International Students and Undergraduate Students,

Coordinator of Incoming and Outgoing Exchange Programs,

School of International Studies, 10th F/L, Administration Building,

Sun Yat-sen University (Zhuhai Campus), Tangjia,

519082 Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Tel: +86 756 3668049



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