Do you want to extend your stay in SIS?

You planned to stay in China for one semester, but now you want to extend your stay for another semester. The application procedures are not complicated at all.

Step 1. Contact your university and ask the coordinator (maybe the teachers in the international office) to send me a formal email about their approval of your application. We will confirm with your university, whether you should pay for the tuition fee for your extension. The tuition fee is 17400rmb per year or 87000rmb per semester. My E-Mail address:

Step 2. Write your personal application and sign. There is no template of this article, please do include your personal information (Name, Date and Place of Born, Passport Number, Home Address in your own country) and the reasons why you want to extend your stay in SIS in the article.

Step 3. Copy of your passport and copy of your Chinese visa.

Please hand in all the documents to Ms. Ye no later than May 30th. 2016. Thank you!

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