The Graduate Union Successfully Hosted Dean Chang’s Lecture

On March 2nd, at 7p.m., in Room F520 of the teaching building on Zhuhai campus, the first lecture of the Up-looking series lectures, focusing on the topic of Modeling Translation as Re-instantiation, was hosted by the Graduate Union of the School of International Studies. This lecture was fairly academic and impressed students and instructors sufficiently, winning good praise and maintaining a strong reputation.


The Dean of the School of International Studies (SIS), Chang Chenguang, was invited to be the main speaker for this first lecture. Professor Chang began the lecture from the angle of functional linguistics re-instantiation and applied functional linguistics theory to translation. Prof. Chang pointed out that language is the potential of meaning. What’s more, translation should not only express meaning but also create meaning with purpose.

Furthermore, based on the explanation of the re-instantiation theoretical framework, Prof. Chang compared three different editions of Pride and Prejudice (including the abridged edition and Chinese translation) to the original. By providing examples and explanations of ideational metafunction, interpersonal metafunction, and textual metafunction, Prof. Chang let students comprehend the reconstruction of modeling translation as re-instantiation in different functions.

Prof. Chang explained the profound ideas in simple terms, which benefited students substantially. During the Q&A session, students raised questions actively while Prof. Chang responded patiently, creating a rich, academic atmosphere.

The ultimate goal of this activity was to provide an academic platform for students to exchange ideas, and enrich their prospectives, helping them become real, honest, hard-working, and pure scholars. Students can absorb knowledge and discuss heatedly to improve themselves in the academic field.

The lecture was held successfully, and we sincerely appreciate the Deputy Dean for delivering such a wonderful lecture for students. In the near future, the Graduate Union of SIS will keep organizing more meaningful academic activities for students.


Written by Du Yuying

Proofread by Sam Papa


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