Name:Wendy L. BOWCHER Professional Title:Full Professor, Deputy Director of the Centre for Australian Studies (SYSU), PhD Supervisor Highest Degree:PhD Graduated from:University of Liverpool, UK Contact Number:+6-13433942407 Email:wendylee@mail.sysu.edu.cn Personal Homepage:See profiles on LinkedIn, Research Gate, Academia.edu






2001             Ph.D. (Linguistics), University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM.

1989             MA (Applied Linguistics – Pass with Merit), University of Sydney, Sydney,                                AUSTRALIA.

1982             BA (Honours – Class 1 Linguistics), (BA Honours and Diploma of Education                              conferred in 1983), Macquarie University, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

1981             BA Diploma of Education, Macquarie University, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.


1986             Associate Music Australia (A Mus. A) Diploma in Pianoforte Performing,                            Australian Music Examinations Board, AUSTRALIA.

1985             New South Wales Department of Education Teacher’s Certificate, AUSTRALIA.


2013–             Full Professor in the School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, CHINA,Deputy Director of the Centre for Australian Studies at SYSU.

2009–2013      Full Professor and Director of the Applied Linguistics Program in the                            School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, CHINA.

2007–2009      Consultant Forensic Linguist providing services to lawyers, law firms and                  private individuals, based in New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.

1994–2006      Lecturer on the Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages                (MA TESOL) Program at Teachers College Columbia University, Tokyo,                        JAPAN.

1998–2007      Associate Professor of Linguistics, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature,         Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo, JAPAN.

1995–1998      Lecturer in Linguistics in the Education Department Number One at Tokyo                 Gakugei University, Tokyo, JAPAN.

1992–1995     Lecturer and Co-ordinator of the Freshman Writing Program in the English           Language Program, Obirin University, Tokyo, JAPAN.

1989–1992     Instructor and Co-ordinator of the English for Academic Purposes Course in          Geography (1990-1991) in the Intensive English Language Program at Temple                      University, Tokyo, JAPAN.

1987–1989     Multicultural Education Consultant in the Multicultural Education Unit in the           Special Programs Directorate of the New South Wales Department of Education,            Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

1984–1987     English and History Teacher at Northmead High School, Sydney,                               AUSTRALIA.

1983–1983     English and History Teacher at Cambridge Park High School, Sydney,                       AUSTRALIA.


2002–2006     Ombudsperson and Dispute Resolution at Teachers College Columbia                              University, Tokyo, JAPAN.

1991–1993     Education and Cultural Adviser for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies                          Regional Exchange Program, (REX Program), Tokyo, JAPAN.



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1987–1989     Contributions to: Human Rights in Education (1987), Modern History In-service    Modules(1988), Living Tourism, NSW Tourism Commission (1987), and Girls    Self Esteem Modules, Participation and Equity Program, NSW Department of   Education (1987).

1987             (with Rachel Skrabanich) Concept developed for classroom teaching/learning board game: New South Wales: The State of Play. Sydney: Tourism Commission      of New South Wales.


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  • Analysis of English Spoken Texts & English Intonation
  • Linguistic Theory, in particular the concept of ‘Context’
  • Multimodal Discourse Analysis of English, Chinese, and Japanese texts
  • Multiliteracies Education
  • Social Semiotics
  • Australian Studies
  • Audio-visual translation



2011–2014     Deputy Chair of the International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association.

2006–2014     Executive Board Member of the Japan Association of Systemic Functional                         Linguistics, JAPAN.

2002–2014     Research Associate to ‘Centre for Language in Social Life’, Linguistics                               Department, Macquarie University, NSW, AUSTRALIA.

2005–2006     National Level Consulting Interviewer/Evaluator of Japanese Overseas                            Postgraduate Applicants for the Japanese Government, Japan National                              Personnel Authority (日本人事院), JAPAN.

2003              Awarded Tenure The first western employee to be awarded tenure at Tokyo                        Gakugei University, Tokyo, JAPAN.

2001–2004     Visiting Research Scientist at the Brain Science Institute of Rikagaku                                 KenkyushoRIKEN, the Institute of Physical and Chemical ResearchTokyo,                            JAPAN.

1996–2005     Vice President of the Japan Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics,                        JAPAN.

1995             Visiting Research Associate, English Department, Glendon College, York                            University, Toronto, CANADA.